My work is based on the strong belief in the benefit of meaningful contextually based instruction for individuals with autism.

My work with autistic children and individuals dates back to the mid 80's when I trained and worked at Bittersweet Farms Autistic Community in Whitehouse, Ohio. Later, I taught adolescents with autism in the Montgomery County, Maryland Public School System where I developed and implemented a program for non-verbal children using state of the art communication technology.

In 1995, I was awarded a doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction and family counseling in the area of Autism for my research in natural language strategies for preschoolers with autism using a parent training model. I was appointed to the National Academy of Sciences Committe on Educational Interventions for Children with Autism.

My current research focuses on how children with severe communication impairments and autism learn language, which models of instruction are most effective and how to take this information from research to practice.