Live Mentoring and Consulting

Increasing Engagement and Participation in Autism Spectrum Disorders & Severe Language Challenges Through:

  1. Autism Research
  2. Parent Training
  3. Make and Take Workshops
  4. Individual, family, and group training in the application of "best practices" in Special Education and AAC tools and strategies.
  5. Workshops and mentoring customized for each unique family, school or organization.

Dr. Cafiero presents state-of-the art, cutting edge workshops on research-based strategies in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Each workshop is a practical synthesis of research, rationale, tools, strategies and accountability systems that have been practitioner and parent tested in homes and schools. Dr. Cafiero’s workshops provide all that is needed to implement powerful communication and participation interventions in the home, school, community and workplace.

What practitioners and parents say about Dr. Cafiero’s Workshops:

  1. “Dr. Cafiero’s workshop was excellent. I can’t wait to try out these ideas in Morning Circle.” (Special Educators, Prince George’s County Public Schools, MD)
  2. “There was so much info, and it was right on the money.” (Speech & Language Pathologist, PA )
  3. “Dr. Cafiero is really entertaining.” (Occupational Therapist, CT)
  4. “All the topics were great, very applicable.” (Special Educator, NY)
  5. “Keep up the good work and please come back.” (Special Education Assistant, MD)
  6. “These ideas are applicable to all kids, not just kids with ASD.” (Special Educator, CA)
  7. “I got new ideas on how to reorganize my classroom. Thanks, I’m inspired.” (Special Educator, MD)
  8. “Dr. Cafiero is contagious!” (25 year Special Educator, El Paso, TX)
  9. “Very clear, organized, presentation.” (Parent of Child with ASD, FL)
  10. “Excellent presenter, good clinical examples with video, slides and actual materials; one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.” (Parent of Child with ASD and Occupational Therapist, CA)
  11. “This workshop was a powerful mix of research and practical materials.” (Speech Pathologist attending Closing the GAP, MN)
  12. “Finally a conference where I learn something new. I am re-motivated.” (Occupational Therapist, ND)
  13. “Dr. Cafiero has such passion for her work.” (Special Educator, OH)