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Meaningful Exchanges For People With Autism: An Introduction To Augmentative & Alternative Communication
by Joanne M. Cafiero, Ph.D.

This new book provides an overview of augmentative & alternative communication (AAC) strategies and tools, from no-tech picture schedules to high-tech voice output communications aids.  It also explains why AAC is such an effective and suitable communication option for people with ASDs.  Throughout, there are real life vignettes of individuals using AAC, which vividly demonstrate how these strategies increase their communication and participation in the world around them.  For parents, teachers, and practitioners looking for information on AAC, this book provides the perfect introduction.

Personally signed by Dr. Joanne M. Cafiero, Ph.D.  (174 pages)

$17.95 + S & H


Checklists, Prompts and Protocols
by Joanne M. Cafiero, Ph.D.
Student and teacher training checklists & protocols that can be reproduced for implementing natural aided language AAC interventions including protocols for setting up research based classrooms for students with autism, aided language prompts, reinforcer checklists and adapted literacy protocols. (50 pages)

$30 + S & H

A Parent Workbook and Guide to Picture Language
by Joanne M. Cafiero, Ph.D.
This workbook explains the rationale for the use of visual languages with children within the autism spectrum and other disabilities. Language stimulation strategies and examples of picture language boards and graphic organizers are provided. Examples of language boards are included as models for creating customized communication boards for each individual and situation. (26 pages)

$12 + S & H

The New Morning Circle Book: Models of Interactive, Group, Hands-On Visual Activities for Children with Communication Challenges
by Joanne M. Cafiero
This workbook provides the rationale, tools and strategies for augmenting typical classroom morning circle activities with visual supports. Methods of measuring student outcomes through data collection are included as well as templates for creating these tools. (27 pages)

$12 + S & H

Writing Prompts for Students with Special Literacy Learning Needs
by Joanne M. Cafiero, Ph.D.
This workbook explains the rationale for using visually based creative writing adaptations for students with language and literacy challenges. Much of this workbook contains word and visually based models of adapted written expression activities. (33 pages)

$12 + S & H

Communication Power for Individuals with Autism
by Joanne M. Cafiero, Ph.D.
Reprint from Focus on Autism and Developmental Disabilities, 1998. Describes the research, rationale and strategies for the use of communication boards with individuals with autism. Details the Natural Aided Language paradigm.

$8 + S & H